I’m sorry Rosemary

Yesterday I posted about having too much rosemary, but today I may not have enough.  Stacy commented that she uses a rosemary and ginger shampoo, but she doesn’t know why it’s good for her hair.  Thanks for the comment; it prompted me to pull out my Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs.  It’s a 1987 edition that undoubtedly came from a Good Will book store – the absolute best source for cheap books.

Back to your question, Stacy – a rosemary rinse will brighten up brown hair, but the most likely reason it’s in your shampoo is the pleasant piny scent.  The next best reason is that it can perk you up in the morning.  Rosemary contains a volatile oil that gets your blood pumping.  It can stimulate and refresh a tired, worn body.  Make a strong tea from the leaves and add to a bath.

A few of the more reaching reasons of why rosemary could be in your shampoo are to improve memory, treat headaches or ward off bad dreams.  In ancient Greece, students wore rosemary garlands in their hair when studying.  They believed the rosemary would help them remember.  In the Middle Ages, rosemary was thought to have protective powers.  People would place sprigs under their pillows to ward off demons and bad dreams.

  1. I knew there was a reason I loved rosemary! Little did I know it was my brain seeking alertness and my body, energy! Thanks for the tips.

  2. No problem! If you have any more herb-related questions, let me know and I’ll pull out my Rodale’s encyclopedia. It seems to have everything!

  3. One more tidbit about rosemary that I pulled from today’s Parade, “Scientists from the Burnham Institute for Medical Research found that rosemary can help protect brain cells from the aging process and from damage caused by the free radicals that lead to Alzheimer’s.”

  4. Ok — one MORE reason I need to eat more rosemary. By the way, WHO ARE YOU and why do you keep writing me e-mails?

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