My Plethora of P’s

There are so many Purely Pretty P‘s in my garden that I couldn’t Possibly decide on just one…First up are the edibles: Peppers, Purple Dark Opal Basil and Pineapple.

Now for the non-edibles: Purple Pentas, a Planter full of Periwinkle Plumbago and a Perennial Perfume Delight Hybrid Tea Rose.  Roses are actually edible but not around this house.   

And finally my number one Pick of all the P‘s found in my garden today: Luke’s one Pink Paw Pad.

Happy ABC Wednesday!

  1. Great Post.


    Ella Minnow Pea

  2. Plethora – LOVE that word! Is Luke waving?

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you! – ROG

  3. I had a Plethora of Ps as well! Your garden looks awesome, but the Pink Paw Pad is absolutely the best!

  4. No, Luke’s not waving; he’s Putting up with me!

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