Cheap Container Gardening – Duct Tape Planters

I was in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) section of Walmart the other day and was completely bedazzled by the Color Duck Tape display.  I took pictures of it with my camera phone and everything.

There are so many styles to choose from – cheetah spots, flames, fluorescents, and Gators.  Several slots were sold out.  It seems the demand is high for decorative duct tape…I wonder what other people are doing with it.  I recently found a cute black and white roll at Target that was used to spruce up a plastic guilt planter

Although I love Target, they don’t offer near the Color Duck Tape selection Walmart does.  If you have the option, go straight to Walmart’s DIY section for this craft project. 



Spare the aggravation of smoothing out bubbles by running the duct tape vertically around the pot instead of horizontally.  This pot had a lip, so I started the duct tape under the lip and ran it straight down and underneath the bottom.  The plastic rim will become invisible as the plants grow and spill over the edge. 

When applying the duct tape, make sure to cut it away from the drainage holes.  Drainage is an important aspect of container gardening because too much water can cause root rot. 

All in all, not a bad look for under four dollars, especially considering what planters usually cost.  Ask your local plant nursery or landscaping company for spare pots, and save at least twenty-five dollars with this garden craft project.  

  1. super cooli do craft shows and im so starting to sell syuff made of duct tape
    jasmine from pa

  2. Hi do you have any check duct tape like the scotish kilt.

    Best regards

    • With all the different colors and designs of duct tape these days, I’m sure you can find something you don’t find ugly. But thanks for your opinion. I welcome all comments.

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