Glass Bottle Garden Border

At the risk of looking like a complete alcoholic, I wanted to post some pictures of my new garden border made entirely of recycled bottles, mostly wine and beer bottles but at least one vinegar bottle snuck in.

It’s a simple project.  The most time-consuming aspect will be collecting the bottles.  I almost made John walk the neighborhood with me on recycling night, but luckily I’m a full-blown hoarder when it comes to anything crafty.  I get it from my mother…you do remember her marble obsession, right?  For anyone who’s seen The Aviator, picture her as a crazed and female Howard Hughes except the bottles are filled with marbles instead of pee.  Thanks, Mom – the insanity lives on in me.  There’s a cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to any sort of glass bottle or jar that could be reused as a vase, storage, watering device, or now garden border. I had so many bottles stored that it only took me one book club to finish the row!

It’s best to remove all labels from the bottles.  Otherwise the sun will fade them, and the rain will slowly peel them.  My system is to soak the bottles in the sink with Mop N Glo. The labels are easy to peel, and then I mop the floors.  It’s the perfect multi-task, and it really does save time and trouble.  Water alone will work easily with some labels, but others are more stubborn.  It took 15-minutes of scraping a label with my fingernail to try the Mop N Glo.   

The idea for the garden border came from the Sarasota Children’s Garden, an adorably ecclectic little spot tucked into the corner of 10th Street and Orange Avenue.  It’s one of those local treasures that not everyone knows about but should.  This link will take you to a Google map: View Map  The garden is a lesson in creative recycling.  Beyond garden borders, recycled glass is worked into the sidewalks and structures.  There’s a big cement fort embedded with bottles and other recycled trinkets.  Old-fashioned claw bath tubs have been recycled into planters that overflow with flowers, and a mountain made of tires serves as a jungle gym.  The tires are filled with mulch making it easy and safe for children to climb.  I’ve been there twice now, each time for a little girl’s birthday party.  They even have a room full of costumes for dress-up – adorable! 

  1. Lovely bottle border. Found it whilst searching for examples as I’ve been collecting apple juice bottles for a while for the job. I like the way your bottles are all different – makes it think mine will be a bit boring with all the same ones.

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