Edison’s Christmas Ornaments

Although they’re called the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, Thomas Edison was the first of the two to settle in Fort Myers and the estates showcase more of his life than Ford’s.  Two of the three houses are Edison’s, and visitors can also tour his research lab.  Aptly, the Christmas decorations not only celebrate the surrounding landscape but also Edison’s inventiveness.

At $20 a piece, the picture is my souvenir.  I’ll wait for a light bulb to blow around here and make my own.  A small drill bit will poke through the top of the bulb, and a lightweight wire hanger can serve as the hook.  I love how the beads are worked in.  They keep the wire in place but also add some finishing flair.  The garland was finished with citrus and equally charming.

There were lots of natural ornaments on display too…

White Angel’s Trumpet- Brugmansia x candida – Peru

Cluster Fig – Ficus racemosa - Asia

Nagami Kumquat – Fortunella margarita - China

Limequat – Lime x kumquat - China


  1. Hello- I would like to ask your permission to use the photo of the kumquats for an elementary school plant sale. Please email me back so that I can ask about attributing the photo to you if you grant us permission to use it.
    thank you.

  2. No problem, I’m happy to help!

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