My Cold, Organic Dilemma

The temperature has been in the fifties this weekend, which may seem like a crisp fall day to my former New Yorker self but to my new Floridian self; it’s f@#$ing cold! I couldn’t finish my spaghetti dinner the other night because my lips were too chapped.  My fingers are slowly drying into lizard tails, and now I have no farm fresh vegetables until Wednesday.  It was way too cold to leave my fuzzy pink bathrobe yesterday morning for the Downtown Farmers Market, and the wind was blowing too hard in the afternoon to make it over to Jessica’s Organic Farm.  I counted on catching Jessica’s stand at the Siesta Key Farmers Market this morning but no stand, gasp!  There was another produce stand with some tangelos from Orlando but nothing closer.  The bromeliads were the highlight for me.

I ended up doing my grocery shopping at Publix, limiting the amount of produce I bought and bringing me to my next and final gripe of the day…why does one measley super market organic zucchini costs three times the price of a conventionally grown super market zucchini or an organic farmers market zucchini? 

The label is peeling, but it reads $2.99; I’ve never paid more than $1.00 from a local farm and saw a 4-pack of conventionals for $1.79.  Of course, there are packaging costs in a supermarket and higher production costs for a farm operating organically, yet other organic products aren’t triple the price.  The organic blueberries were only $0.50 more than their conventional counterparts, and they’re about to change my whole point-of-view for the day…

Blueberries and homemade whipped cream…I’m happy again!   

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