Planting Personality in Your Garden

Have you ever thought about what your garden is saying about you?  Because gardening is much more than mere maintenance.  It’s a form of creative expression.  As dogs are said to look like their owners; the same can be said for gardens.  Some are meticulously mulched; others are overgrown.  There are rock gardens and butterfly gardens, exotics requiring high maintenance and xeriscapes requiring no maintenance.  Some hold statues, and some invite birds.  Look around your neighborhood for trinkets, treasures, jokes, and personality traits; they’re hidden in the gardens.  My garden is telling the world I’m a lovable, inventive, drinker? No, recycler.

I disassembled an old 1970′s lamp and turned it into an inexpensive garden globe.  It’s sitting in a bed of sweet potato vine now, but at one point I had the sweet potato vine planted in it.  It trailed quickly and ended up covering too much of the globe.

And of course, there’s my garden border…

Now let me introduce you to some of my neighbors.  This one has a good sense of humor.

Aww, that last one is too cute.  My guess from that garden is that there’s a lot of love in that house.  But I have to end with the more familiar and completely classic Florida garden stamp – the pink flamingo.

What’s in your garden?  And what does it say about you?

  1. Mine says “so much to do, so little time!”. I love the little saying in your garden “I don’t remember planting this” so true! I should have one that says “is that something I planted, or is it a weed?”


  2. I second yours, Amy, weeds grow way faster than I can handle!

  3. After seeing ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’, I now have a special place in my heart for pink flamingos. But I’m not sure they’d fit in my garden. I prefer bunnies – concrete ones, not the real thing!

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