The Power of Pentas

It could be the bright red color or the stars filled with nectar, maybe it’s the landing pad that’s created from all those little stars.  Most likely it’s the combination of all three that make Pentas the most sought after flower in my garden.  Butterflies can’t keep their proboscises out of them.

I love them because even in the heat of summer when all the other leaves and petals are curling inside themselves to escape the sun, pentas are still perky.  And any flower that is a friend of a butterfly’s is a friend of mine.  The bees like them too.

Pentas are perennials in Florida but annuals in other parts of the country.  They’ll grow up to 4-feet tall, a fact that eluded me until I planted two in full sun.  They dwarf their shaded counterparts.  Ideal growing conditions for pentas are under full sun in moist, well-drained soil. 

  1. Thank you for visiting my Seedscatterer blog. Did you find anything elsewhere about porterweed itch? I use calamine lotion for everything itchy including heat rash and poison ivy.

    Pentas are not popular in my garden this year as they were last year. Tithonia and Duranta are the main attractions. Some of the smaller butterflies prefer lantana.

  2. Only that porterweed is in the nettle family, which would explain the itch. Too bad about your pentas this year. Mexican sunflowers are another magnet I’ve always had luck with.

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