Enchanted Kudzu Forest

Hallelujah, the weather has cooled down just enough to take a walk mid-day without risking heat stroke.  To celebrate, Luke and I spent the lunch-hour strolling Arlington Park.  Although the sun is now bearable, my favorite section of the park is still on the west side where the tall trees and kudzu almost block it out entirely.  Kudzu is an invasive species from Asia that all gardeners should fear, but in this environment, it’s hard not to admire.  Arches, forts, and statues form as the kudzu crawls and clings to everything in sight.  The vines rise into columns and cascade down like waterfalls.  In the few small patches where the sun meets the ground, it has to drill through the thick like a spotlight.

And as if the mini-forest wasn’t feeling enchanted enough, a bright yellow bird I’ve never seen before hopped across the path.  It took me a while to identify, but it’s definitely a hooded warbler.  The yellow eye mask is unmistakable.

Warblers are way too quick for me.  The rest of my photos are blurs.  It was nice of the fish to be so cooperative.

  1. great place for another letterbox…maybe the ‘kudzu’ or the ‘warbler’?

  2. I’ve had three letterboxes in that park, and all three have gone missing! I hold the kudzu directly responsible for one of them.

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