5-minute Craft Project: Porterweed Wreath

Life gets busy, but it should never be so busy that you can’t stop for five minutes to make something look pretty.  It just feels good.  Today after work, I combined my two loves-gardening and crafts-to make our front door a little more appealing. The grapevine wreath was in the closet completely bare, and the porterweed had once again tripled in size.  That girl needed a haircut.  Porterweed plants bloom in spikes.  Tiny purple flowers open in a cluster along tall textured stems.  The rope-like stems are easy to weave in and out of the grapevine, and the only other step is to hang it.  Even as the flowers dry, the wreath still looks nice.  But even if it only lasts until morning, who cares?  It only took five minutes to put together.      

  1. I completely agree…if it doesn’t last until morning, who cares? It’s the process.

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