Two Chickens Is Better Than One

It’s been two weeks since our feathered Guido friends moved in, and the experience has been a complete breeze in comparison to the first go around with Oreo.  Life has a way of working out, and we were definitely meant to have two chickens.

Oreo was needy in retrospect, constantly seeking us out inside the house and always following outside close under foot.  These two take care of each other.  They squawk only when separated or scooped.  The easiest way to pick them up is to scoop them up with the palm of your hand so their feet hang between your fingers, and Sammi is really the only one who squawks.  Snookie’s the real sweetheart.

She wasn’t the healthiest chick at first, and she still doesn’t fly quite as much as Sammi, but oh, is she sweet!  She’s reminded me how much I loved birds as a little girl.  We had two birds – a yellow parakeet named Sunny and a macaw named Mr. Magoo.  The latter was a talker, “Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello…,” got the idea?  I didn’t mind though.  I could put a peanut between my teeth, and Magoo would grab it with his beak.  It was a solid stupid pet trick for a 10 year-old and nice to have in my back pocket.Snookie doesn’t peck the way Oreo did, and here’s the real deal on that…the feeling that you’re about to be pecked is as bad if not worse than actually being pecked.  Sammi’s a pecker and a skittish one at that.  The slightest movement in her direction incites ducking, flapping, squawking, and just general dramatics.  I’m not a huge fan, but Snookie likes her him???  TBD…If she does turn out to be a he, we have a deal with the breeder that we can keep trading roosters in for chicks until we have two hens.  But as far as I can tell, two of any gender is still better than one.  It’s apparent now what the breeder meant when she said, “I pick the chickens up in clumps.”  They’re never more than an inch apart.

  1. I love these photos of chicken BFFs.

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