My Two Best Tips for Visiting Busch Gardens

  1. Keep your head erect when riding the Gwazi.
  2. Splurge on the nectar.

“Keep your head erect,”  something I read while strapped into the front seat of a wooden roller coaster that boasts 100 mph speed.  I was unaware of that fact at the time and had even gone so far as to comment to my brother how bored the people returning looked compared to the Montu riders from earlier, so I was completely puzzled by the seemingly pedestrian instruction.  How else would I keep my head? 

Well, let me tell you that as my head flipped back like an unhinged Pez dispenser, those four words became all too clear.  I spent the rest of the ride with my shoulders and neck stacked like a linebacker ready for impact.  I was sure my souvenir from the day would be whiplash, but so far so good.  I can turn left, right, up, and down.  Life is good.

And it can be made even better with a shot of nectar in the Bird Garden…although it should be noted that it probably costs less to get drunk.  But for five dollars a pop, you can have birds lining up to your arm like drunks to a bar which is pretty cool…  …and sometimes a little scary!And here’s a money-saving tip.  The birds won’t drink half that nectar, so look around for people leaving the garden.  The kids were given nectar while I was outside buying it, and we also gave ours away when we left.

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