Having worked at a domestic violence and rape crisis center for seven years, I would never recommend picking up hitchhikers.  It is highly dangerous as a woman and not much less dangerous as a man.  Watch Monster starring Charlize Theron for proof of this; it was based on the true story of a murdering, hitchhiking prostitute.  Still, I’ve had a couple of hitchhikers lately convince me there is such a thing as safe hitchhikers; although they don’t follow the conventional thumb rules.  They just hop on – rude but cute.

  1. Cute…when they’re on the outside.

    But what do you do when they won’t get off, even as you’re entering I75 and approaching 65 mph?

    I just look away.

    I tried reasoning. I tried wild hands movements up against the glass. I tried the windshield wipers.

    • All I can think of right now is the time moths flew out of my air conditioning vent. I just about ran off the road because it is impossible to steer when you’re swatting that much!

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