Sarasota Boat Parade of Lights

We had all seen the parade before but never from the water.  It was front-row, and it was fun.  We tied up in a line of boats along the parade’s route at Marina Jack. There was dancing…There was boat-hopping…And there were lots of lights… I don’t know who won the contest; although you can find out at Marina Jack restaurant.  The trophy will be on display for the next year.  But the birthday boy’s pick for the winner was this 1957 Chevy.

  1. Fun post. We were in San Antonio for the parade on the River one year, but it was so cold we stayed in and watched on TV.

  2. The Emerald Isle came in 1st place in its class and 1st overall with “most creative”…it is the picture above the “chevy boat”…and I was on that boat during the parade…what a blast!

    • Thanks so much for posting the winner! We had so much fun watching; I can only imagine the fun you had participating. That will have to be my next goal – from land, from sea, from winning boat!

  3. And that’s why I love Florida so much…it’s never too cold for anything. :smile:

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