Cracker Trail Ride

Who knew?  John was driving through Bradenton on State Road 64 this morning on his way to pick up Cooper’s friend and happened to pass the Florida Cracker Trail Association’s 25th annual ride.

State Road 64, which is a fast-moving road leading to Interstate 75, had one lane blocked by police escort in a half-mile section to give way to the horses. The ride is 110 miles from Bradenton to Fort Pierce.  The trail runs straight through the state and culminates with a parade through historic Fort Pierce and a camp-out on the beach.

The mission of the Florida Cracker Association is to keep history alive,

“The annual cross-state ride serves to preserve the importance of the role of the state of Florida in the introduction of horses and cattle by the Spanish explorers into the New World and the birth and continuance of the cattle and horse industries by its future settlers and their descendants and to support related causes.

The horses will walk over pavement, through private cattle ranches, in and out of state parks crossing five counties by the time they reach Fort Pierce.  The ride covers about 20 miles a day and is a week-long event.

  1. We passed them too! Fun to see.

  2. Does anyone know what time the cracker trail riders should arrive in Ft. Pierce on Saturday.

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