{this week} Busy

Although John and Luke cuddling is adorable, it’s time to add a new blog post.  On really busy weeks, that sounds easier than it is.  Every time I get down to blogging or gardening this week, I’m interrupted…TGIF.  In five minutes or less, this is what you missed…

Ella won Student of the Month and got to eat lunch with her principal.

Doodlebop came for a visit. We planted morning glories and nasturtiums. No blogging about it because when he left, the three of us all took naps!

The amaryllis have started to resurface.

And here's the stupid snake that keeps running me out of my own garden!


  1. !@#$%^ No more posting photos of snakes on the blog. I just spilled my morning coffee all over my pajamas from the shock when I sleepily scrolled to the last photo. Geez.

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