World Down Syndrome Day 2012

Because today is the 21st day of the 3rd month, it is World Down Syndrome Day.  Some clever person came up with this idea and day to represent the 3 copies of chromosome 21; also known as trisomy 21, it is the chromosomal condition that causes Down syndrome.

Lucky for our family, we have reason to celebrate today.  You know her from this blog; she is the current Bashaw Elementary Student-of-the-Month; and she’s never forgiven Luke for chewing off Woody’s hand.  She’s Ella!

We spent the evening on Lido Beach eating cupcakes, drinking sangria, chasing birds, learning to skim board, looking for the green flash in the sunset, and celebrating Ella.  She’s well worth it.  And instead of pointing out something that makes her different because she has Down syndrome, I’d rather point out something that makes her just like every other kid – partly to emphasize that she is no different and shouldn’t be treated as such but also because I’m her aunt and it was just plain cute.  My brother Bobby did the same thing at her age.  In fact, I can’t remember one picture of him not hovering the classic bunny ears over someone’s head.  Little brothers are always good targets, so Doodlebop Dylan was the bunny tonight.

And here we are trying to light the candles…

LOL for trying so hard.  The candles lit, but the wind kept beating Dylan to his repeated plea of, “Mommy, can I blow out the candles?”  Not tonight, Doodlebop, not tonight.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!  If you’d like to get involved or donate, visit

  1. I love everything about this post!

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