Experimental Fig

Since I couldn’t go all Chainsaw Massacre on the creeping fig after finding a bird’s nest, I went Edward Scissorhands instead and cut around the flower details on the garage door.

I got the idea from this wall at Maclay Gardens.  Instead of cutting around a diamond, they cut out a diamond.

I worried the random cuts would kill the fig everywhere around the diamond, but so far so good and it’s been a few days.  There are a few shriveled strands, but they’re barely noticeable behind all the healthy vines that just got trimmed back.

Experiment gone well with one small exception; another suitable name for this plant would be sticky fig.  As I pulled it up, little flecks of red paint came with it.  Still, I like the new look, and since we don’t actually use the garage for our cars, it may last past the bird’s nest.

  1. Looks great!

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