Dream Job

I’m now working weekends at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.  I’ve been freelancing for them for a few years now, and although it is still freelance work, it’s steady writing.  And instead of writing about parking garages and mall expansions during the week, and of course barring the occasional psycho who buries someone in his yard, I’m paid to visit local attractions and attend festivals and parties.

It’s a dream job and the anecdote to my recent handwriting discovery.  A couple weeks ago, I came across an article from Real Simple magazine, “What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?”  It was shockingly accurate for both my and John’s handwriting and personalities.  Here’s what it said about my S’s:

Open at the bottom: You might not be following your heart. For example, you always wanted to be an artist a writer, but you have a career in finance insurance.

There are no plans to leave insurance, just plans for some fun on the side to close my S’s.  The editor handled the the terrible real-life news of murder for my first weekend while I stayed in dream land floating from one beautiful place to the next.  It was Five Points Park on Saturday for the Harvey Milk Festival and Selby Gardens on Sunday for Mother’s Day.  I had about ten minutes to waste in between brunch seatings at Selby, so I couldn’t resist wandering with my camera.



Green Staghorn Fern

I may be wrong, but I think that staghorn fern is a new addition since my last visit, not to Selby because the sign reads 2008 but to that particular spot.  The enormity of it is amazing.  It hangs like a grand chandelier in the archway, and those archways I never miss.  The tree limbs have twisted and turned into these gorgeous open door frames over the walking path.

Under the trees were clusters of bright pink bromeliads dotted with purple buds that had me wishing for a lot more shade in our yard.  Between the shade from the banyans and the breeze off Sarasota Bay, it must be ten degrees cooler at Selby Gardens than in the rest of Sarasota.

Moms, here’s your garden freebie for next year: Selby gardens offers free admission to moms on Mother’s Day – no proof of children required, so don’t feel obligated to bring them along. :)   Happy Mother’s Day!

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