The Snowman of Liberty

It may never snow in Sarasota, but there’s always a snowman to cheer me up.  He lives on Arlington Street and is as festive as Frosty but so much more versatile.  Last time I posted his photo, he was covered in shamrocks and drinking a beer for St. Patrick’s Day.

Today, he’s dressed in drag as the Statue of Liberty.  Underneath the dress are two more logs carved from a palm tree.  The ends of each log were tapered with a chainsaw to make them look more rounded like snowballs.  Very clever and easy to do if you have the skills.  People carve tikis with chainsaws; a snowman would be a cinch.  Me, on the other hand, I’ll stay away from the chainsaw, keep all my fingers, and wait to see what this one will be wearing for Halloween.

  1. So creative! Please post Halloween outfit. Thank you!

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