Celery Fields at Sunset

Celery Fields has to be one of my new favorite spots.  I’ve visited in both the morning and afternoon, so it was time to check out the sunset.  No disappointments here, although the water was shockingly low since my last visit a month ago.

Still, there’s enough for the birds.

Above is a Limpkin wading; its nickname is the crying bird.  Being a novice birder, that’s the only way I’m absolutely positive this was a Limpkin.  It wouldn’t stop squawking, and the squawks were loud.

Below is a flock of Sandhill Cranes, which a park regular directed us too.  We had been to that spot earlier and didn’t see any, but he said to go back because they fly in about the same time each night.   It was right around sunset at 5:30; they were wading in the first pond along the trail off Palmer Avenue.

If you don’t see any birds in the water, just look up to the sky and the area’s ample power lines.  I think the first photo is a flock of glossy ibis…if anyone can tell me otherwise, please do.

And one more shot of sunset…

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