Hi!  I’m Lesley Dwyer, a freelance writer living and loving Sarasota, Florida.  That’s me and Luke.  He’s my itty-bitty best friend that follows me everywhere - through the garden, to local parks and farmers markets, even to the office. 

Things I do without Luke?  I cook, and I craft.  He can’t be around for either because he’s a shameless begger and his hair will stick to anything.  Lettuce Share is a collection of gardening experiences, local places and events, recipes, and crafts.  I try to be somewhat of a locavore shopping weekly at local farms and markets, but I love pears and pomegranates – two things that will never grow in Florida.  I love the flavor of a fresh tomato sauce but also love the sound of a Newman’s marinara top popping because it saves me about 3 hours and 59 minutes.  We all do the best we can…lettuce share our secrets.