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Sidewalk Shark

I really should read The Sarasota Observer more.  Here’s a tidbit from the Cops Corner:

3:17 a.m. – 900 block of Siesta Drive.  Animal Problem.  Officers responded to a report of a dead shark on a sidewalk.  What they found was…a dead shark on a sidewalk.  It was a 5-foot nurse shark.  They called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, but the agency declined to respond because nurse sharks are not endangered.  The officers then contacted their supervisor to see what they should do.  The supervisor told them to throw it back into Sarasota Bay, which they did.

First, this is the best piece of weird animal news I’ve heard since a guy in Bradenton had to vacate his apartment because some rare bats moved in.  His quote to the paper was, “I’m just really freaked out!” 

And second, I love that the Fish and Wildlife people declined to respond.  Because a 5-foot nurse shark on the sidewalk is perfectly normal.  Just another day in Sarasota.